Have you ever wished you had a custom made parenting manual just for your child? A handbook that was geared to your child’s particular attributes, personality, strengths, and flaws. It would be stuffed full of discipline ideas that would all work effectively for your specific child. It would help you encourage your child to always do his or her best. It would provide you with perfect solutions for when your children bicker, sass, whine, or argue with you. It would present you with a blueprint of how to guide your child to become a productive, compassionate and happy adult. And all the while, you are developing and maintaining an awesome relationship of love and trust with each of your children.

If any of these concerns have crossed your mind, you are ready for the revolutionary and comprehensive Preparing The Millennial Child parenting course.

About the Course:

The Preparing the Millennial Child series is chalk full of ideas for every conceivable aspect of parenting, from how to tame a wild toddler, to how to cement a relationship with a rebellious teenager. There are ideas about helping your children make and keep good friends, even with their siblings, worry-free training on how to create good students, how to inspire children to happily cooperate with family rules and house-hold chores, good money management training skills, as well as many methods designed for you to raise children to become a functional, well-adjusted, confident and compassionate adults. As parents learn all these fabulous techniques, they are guided to customize a parenting plan for each of their children. Each session of the course ends with specific objectives so that there is very little trial and error involved as parents improve their parenting skills and begin to parent with greater confidence and more joy.